NARPO – The voice of retired police officers
NARPO – The voice of retired police officers

If your injury award has already been reviewed and subsequently reduced and you believe it has been done outside the regulations and relevant case law then you can request a further review.

Use the links for our recommendations on the next course of action to take next including a draft letter which you can complete and send to the Police Authority requesting a further review:

In a South Wales Appeal the Police Medical Appeal Board (PMAB) upheld the police pensioners Appeal and in their decision they seem to accepted that the over 65’s do indeed have an earning capacity.

Use the link to view the precis kindly provided by South Wales Police Federation:

Precis of the Police Medical Appeal Board descision in the South Wales case of an appeal of Injury Awards review

The PMAB in a West Yorkshire pensioner appeal have upheld the pensioners Appeal against reduction to a Band 1 injury award.

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The PMAB in decisions involving a Northumbria police pensioners have concluded that an Injury Award Review should be carried out using the same process, irrespective of a persons age and that a medical assessment must be carried out together with an assessment of a persons earning capacity.

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