NARPO – The voice of retired police officers
NARPO – The voice of retired police officers


By joining NARPO, you’ll be supporting an organisation actively campaigning on behalf of former Police Officers and their families. Not only will you be contributing towards a movement which, together with its Partner bodies, represents the views of over 1 million older people in the UK, but you’ll also be eligible for some fantastic benefits. Plus, we’ll keep you informed about what’s happening in a way that suits you with a printed magazine, an emailed newsletter and via social media.

Through our affiliations and network, we’re able to provide services around life, leisure and work after the Police, including: Exclusive deals on car, home, health and travel insurance, In-depth advice on police pensions and how legislative changes might affect you and your family, A range of well-being related services that consider the importance of both physical and mental health in retirement, Membership of our local branch network – with social activities and news about life after the police.

Full Membership of the Association shall be open to former Police officers who have served in a Police Force and who have met the minimum service, age or ill health requirements that would entitle them to a police pension and who have not been dismissed or required to resign from a police force by reason of misconduct or having resigned or retired from the Police force, have not been the subject of a misconduct hearing where the decision of the panel would have resulted in the officer being dismissed, had they still been serving.

Membership may be granted by a Branch Committee to any person who is not eligible to join the Branch as a Full Member, which includes widows, widowers, partners and spouses.

If you are eligible to become a Member, this entitles you to all our services and benefits, but precludes you from being a Branch Official or delegate at Conference. The subscription rate for 2024 is only £26.28 for the whole calendar year.

Join us today either as a Full Member or Member.