NARPO – The voice of retired police officers
NARPO – The voice of retired police officers

2006 Police Pensions Regulations

Find the full document here: The Police Pensions Regulations 2006 Find the members guide here: The New Police Pension Scheme 2006 – Members’ Guide 2009

Police Pension Overpayments

It has come to our notice that throughout England and Wales as Forces outsource their Pension Administrators to external or other providers, a large number of anomalies are arising; which have resulted in them identifying that a number of Pensions have been paid incorrectly, for a variety of reasons. This has led to the Pensioners […]

Home Office

Use this link for relevant Home Office documents: The National Archives

Reduction of Police Pension Upon Receipt of State Pension

We are often asked why the Police Pension reduces when a member starts receiving their State Pension. Please use the link below to view the explanation. Modification of Police Pension How pension increases work Police pension increases and state pension Taxation On State Pension What Is Contracting Out? How Do You Get NI Credits HMRC […]

Public Sector Pensions Overpayment

Recent questions in the House of Commons and attendant publicity has highlighted an issue of overpayment of pensions to retired public sector employees including those in the police scheme. This is a complicated issue. In essence, the problem has to do with the Guaranteed Minimum Pension, its calculation, index linking and impact on the individual’s […]

Court of Appeal decision RPI/CPI challange

The Court of Appeal has handed down its decision on the Governments switch to the CPI as the index used to uprate pensions.  The appeal was dismissed. Use the links for documents and information: Court of appeal decision Pension Contribution Schedule table Home Office Publications

Pension Ombudsman Decision

A recent Ombudsman decision in the case of Sharp has further reinforced the fact that those aged 65 years or over cannot be ‘automatically’ reduced to the lowest Band on the assumption that they no longer have an earning capacity, as suggested in HOC 46/2004. The Ombudsman also determined that Mr Sharp’s request for a […]

State Pension Deferral

The option to put off claiming the State Pension in return for a higher amount has been part of the system since 1948. Initially, increments were based on the number of flat-rate contributions paid during the period of deferment. However, since April 1975, they have been calculated as a percentage of the basic State Pension […]