NARPO – The voice of retired police officers
NARPO – The voice of retired police officers

St Helens Members’ Area

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Welcome from the President

Dennis Glynn

My first knowledge of NARPO and the reason for its existence came one day in mid 1960 when I was detailed to call on an aged and recently widowed Police pensioner who was resident on my beat.
After a few cups of tea and a potted history of his service days, I was able to report that my visit had had a profoundly positive effect on a lonely man who consequently received regular welfare visits from NARPO.
Regularly attending Bishop Road Police Club, I then took more interest in the numerous NARPO members who then frequented the club and learned a lot from them.
My predecessor, Gordon Roberts, in his President’s welcome alluded to the branch being formed shortly after the second world war.  To be precise it was in March 1948, rather belatedly considering that Nationally, NARPO was formed with the 1919 Police Act with Police and Widows welfare in mind, following recent Police strike action.
As far as I recall our Branch rarely had any organised Agenda of social activities but a number of members still frequented Bishop Road Club.
All too soon I became a NARPO member in 1992 and by then there had been an upsurge in social activities within the branch and an increase in membership.
For a number of years now, we have been blessed with a series of industrious committees led by socially aware and competent officials, who have constantly arranged a varied Agenda of social events and outings and provided a welfare support group to be proud of.
Their efficiency and diligence has led to the branch having in excess of 500 members, remarkably 3 times the establishment of the St. Helen’s Borough Police Force in 1948.
The Bishop Road Club has been an integral part of this development and remains the hub of the Branch activities, backed enthusiastically by the clubs committees.
Both organisations accordingly maintain a mutually beneficial co-existence and surely both deserve to be well supported to retain a status quo to the benefit of all.
I am delighted to be part of this and hope sincerely that I can make a favourable contribution.

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