NARPO – The voice of retired police officers
NARPO – The voice of retired police officers

Hello, my name’s Meg, and I’m a Producer for Monster Films based in Cardiff. We are well known for our sensitive and thoughtful crime output, and we are currently looking for contributors for Series 2 of the documentary series THE REAL PRIME SUSPECT for CBS Reality, presented by Jackie Malton. This series profiles some of the most high-profile murder cases around the United Kingdom and the dogged police work behind them.

As part of the documentary series, contributors will be speaking with the esteemed Jackie Malton – a former Metropolitan Police DCI – about their experiences in order to build a detailed and accurate view of police work and investigations of the cases in question. Jackie’s long and esteemed career led to her being drafted in as a consultant for Lynda La Plante’s British crime drama ‘Prime Suspect’ as well as being the inspiration behind the show’s female lead, Jane Tennison, played by Dame Helen Mirren.

As such, we are looking for members of the police force who may have been involved in the cases below that would be happy to discuss their experiences. 

If there are any members of NARPO that have had direct involvement with the cases in any capacity, and would be interested in discussing their experiences and their work with Jackie, I would be very interested to hear from you. My email address is but, if easier to call, please feel free to ring 07854 533120 at any point.

The cases we are currently looking into are:

Arthur and Nizamodeen Hosein, 1970, London

The kidnap and murder of Muriel McKay – mistaken for the wife of Rupert Murdoch

Christopher McGovern, 1988, Newport 

The murder of Danny Denbury, a man Christopher had met for a causal relationship

Kenneth Erskine, 1986, London

The Stockwell Strangler – prayed on and murdered 7 elderly people

Mark Martin, 2004/2005, Nottingham

Nottingham Serial Killer who murdered 3 homeless women

Angus Sinclair, 1977, Edinburgh

The murder of two girls, Christine Eadie and Helen Scott. Subsequently convicted of further murders

Malcolm Webster, 1994-2011, Aberdeenshire

Malcolm’s wife Claire Morris died in a car crash and fire in 1994, before the case was reopened in 2008, proving Malcolm had murdered her and had attempted to murder again in New Zealand

Andrew Hunter, Dundee, 1987

Murder of his pregnant wife, Lynda Hunter.

Henry John Gallagher, Dundee, 1980

The murder of elderly couple Alexander and Dorothy Wood. Henry later headed south, finding solace in a church before murdering a Benedictine Monk.

Alan Kyte, “The Midlands Ripper”, 1993-1994, Midlands

Murdered Samo Paull and Tracey Turner

Keith Cottingham, 1984, Kent 

Barbara Harrold was murdered in a parcel bomb attack in 1984

Andrew George, 1984, Shrewsbury

Anti-nuclear campaigner Hilda Murrell, 78, was sexually assaulted and stabbed in 1984

Graham Backhouse, 1984, Horton (nr Bristol)

Attempted murder of wife for life insurance policy, and murder of Colyn Bedale-Taylor

Dennis Smalley, 1991, Lincoln

Murdered Fred Maltby and Joe Rylatt with an axe within months of each other


Ian Huntley

Peter Sutcliffe

Rose and Fred West 

Ian Brady and Myra Hindley

We are hoping to film the documentary series over the next few months/early next year, and I am very happy to chat further to provide you with extra information or to answer any questions you may have. If you may know of other people who would be happy to be involved, please feel free to pass on my details.

Please be assured that we are treating these cases with the uttermost sensitivity and are not looking to glamorise or sensationalise the crime, but merely tell it from the point of view of those who knew the case best. Jackie has been approached many a time by documentary makers and has always turned down the offer to work with them due to her feelings that the productions lacked authenticity. I am pleased to say Jackie has chosen to work with ‘Monster Films’ due to their outstanding reputation as documentary filmmakers who produce factually sound and ethical documentaries.

Many thanks and best wishes,

Meg Williams