NARPO – The voice of retired police officers
NARPO – The voice of retired police officers

Update 25th May 2023

Police Covenant Annual Report has been published and within it there are three new Priorities for  2023/24 which have been agreed by the Oversight Board:

• Identify and implement a package of measures for individuals who have left the police workforce;

• Scope the current support in place in relation to healthcare pathways for the police workforce through further NHS Engagement; and

• Consider wider issues around police officer and staff safety at the roadside and propose non legislative options to improve safety.

The Oversight Board will continue to review all priorities throughout the year to consider any further points to add, or the potential combining of priorities.

The priority for those who have left the Police service was following a roundtable discussion with retired officers and members of the National Association of Retired Police Officers which took place on 5 July 2022, chaired by the Policing Minister.

Page 25 of the Annual Report has further information on what is being planned and timescales for delivery-

Planned work includes establishing a comprehensive transition package or ‘flight path’ for forces to use when officers and staff are leaving the force. Consideration will also be given to how a similar system to the Armed Forces ‘veterans gateway’ can be implemented for policing comprising of the
necessary skills training and psychological preparation.

Forces both within and from outside of the Home Office have raised the issue of ‘off boarding’ members of their workforce. Based on their evidence, the provision of practical training and advice sessions, as well as psychological and counselling services to those leaving policing, are being considered to help prepare for life after policing. This includes activities such as CV preparation, job interview training, IT training and financial advice to help with the culture shock of leaving and provide ongoing support for psychological issues arising after they have left (for example PTSD may not be evident until some years after an event has taken place). The NPWS have assured the board that these products will be ready for dissemination into forces as of September 2023.


On 8th September, the Home Secretary announced the decision to enshrine the Police Covenant in law to enhance support and protection for the entire police family, including retired Police Officers. The Covenant applies to serving and former police personnel. It creates a statutory duty for forces to support police officers and places a requirement on the Home Secretary to report annually to Parliament. It will focus on protection, health and wellbeing, and support for families.

The main proposals are:

  1. Her Majesty’s Government should legislate for the Home Secretary to report annually to Parliament on progress on the Covenant.
  2. The scope of the Covenant should include all those working within, or retired from policing roles, whether paid or as a volunteer.
  3. The focus of the Covenant in the first instance to be on: • Physical Protection • Health and Wellbeing • Support for Families
  4. A governance structure should be established, reporting to a high-level policing board.
  5. The board should further consider the benefits of establishing a new role of Chief Medical Officer for Policing for England and Wales.
  6. The board should explore options for bringing current activity within the purview of the Covenant and consider the governance needed to drive forward that activity.
  7. There should be an option for non-HO forces to join the Covenant via a Memorandum of Understanding, on a case by case basis, agreed with the relevant department.


The full report can be viewed here

A total of 1,113 questionnaire responses were received, 201 of which were from retired police officers, 18% of the total responses.

Please find the key points of relevance to NARPO from the report below:

Please find some of the Government’s proposals from the report of relevance:


CEO Steve Edwards said:

“NARPO welcomes the Home Secretary’s decision to enshrine the Police Covenant in law. The Covenant will rightly enhance support and protection for serving officers but also extends to retired officers and the entire police family.

 NARPO responded to the Government’s consultation earlier in the year and we are delighted that the Home Office has recognised the cumulative effect of a career in the police and that these issues do not end at retirement. We particularly welcome the emphasis on parity between physical and mental health. For too long retired police officers have not had access to dedicated support when mental health and wellbeing issues have arisen.

 We sincerely hope that this will make a real difference to serving and retired officers and their families and we look forward to working with the Government to ensure it offers real and tangible support to those it covers.”