NARPO – The voice of retired police officers
NARPO – The voice of retired police officers

Don’t undo your hard work while you’re away!

A holiday is a time to unwind, see new placed and try new things. But it can also cause your healthy eating and exercise habits to slip! Take a look at these tips to continue a healthy lifestyle and still enjoy your time away:

Watch out for buffets

Eat a healthy snack beforehand, so you’re not tempted to overeat and drinking water instead of going back for another helping.

Be careful when eating out

Look for or request dishes which have been poached, grilled or steamed.

Choose wisely 

Take food with you

Food available at service stations, airports and ferry terminals is likely to be high in fat and calories. Take your own healthy snacks, sandwiches and fruit for the journey.

Drink in moderation

Avoid excess alcohol and limit yourself to a few drinks at the mealtime. Choose wine rather than sweet drinks and cocktails. Bear in mind that the empty calories in alcohol won’t satisfy your appetite and will make you more likely to choose unhealthy food and snacks. Keep well hydrated by drinking plenty of water.

Snack Carefully

Nuts and crisps are east to munch on but can be high in fat and calories, as well as salt. Take fresh fruit with you to the beach or poolside and avoid high-fat, calorific ice-creams. Choose fruit sorbet or water-based lollies instead.

Get Active

Use your holiday as an opportunity to take exercise and get in great shape. Go for a walk on the beach, sight-seeing on foot, or why not hire a bike? Do lots of walking and swimming, play tennis or hit the dancefloor in the evenings!