NARPO – The voice of retired police officers
NARPO – The voice of retired police officers

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About Northumbria Branch

Our membership, which exceeds 1000, has a long history found in the City, County and River police officers in the north east of England. The original forces were amalgamated over the years to comprise what is currently known as Northumbria Police. The Northumbria NARPO Branch is proud to have amongst its number some retired officers who can trace their service back to one of those constituent forces, particularly Northumberland County Constabulary and Newcastle City Police. As part of its commitment to keeping its members informed and entertained, the Branch publishes a periodical, the Northumbria Bobby, biannually and maintains a website at where more information is available.

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Further Key Information

We are always looking to increase our representation of retired women police officers and welcome their participation in all aspects of the branch. Our open meetings, held in July and October, feature regular contributions from visiting speakers whose expertise is valuable to retired personnel. The information presented at the Branch sessions has proved invaluable to members in considering their health, wealth and well-being. The Branch also attracts large support for its annual social event held in December where members, who cannot always make the meetings, get a chance to meet up with colleagues whom they may not see on a regular basis. The provision of entertainment and good food makes it a fitting end to the Branch year.

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