NARPO – The voice of retired police officers
NARPO – The voice of retired police officers

Welcome to NARPO Isle of Wight

About Isle of Wight Branch

We are one of the smallest branches with just 120 members currently. In normal times we meet four times a year for lunch at various places on the Isle of Wight. Our meetings have been in abeyance due to the Coronavirus pandemic and the lockdown restrictions, but we are hoping to start up again as these restrictions are lifted.

We also welcome former colleagues from other Forces who have retired to the Island. If this is you then you can remain a full member of your home Force Narpo and apply to join our branch as an "Additional" member at half the normal annual subscription.

Motto “All this beauty is of God”

Please feel free to contact any of the branch officers using the links below.

Branch - IOW - Image 2
Branch - IOW - Image 2

Further Key Information

Chairman: Barry Taylor.

Secretary : Phil Smith.

Membership Secretary & Treasurer: Glenn Cairns. http://mailto.

Welfare Officers: Mike Foreman.

Social secretary: Richard Leedham.